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Yacht Management

Owning a yacht in the Marina Sailing Yacht Management Program give you the best of all worlds. You can enjoy using your power or sailing yacht at your discretion while benefiting from the Marina Sailing professional yacht management service.

History and Philosophy

Marina Sailing has been in the charter and yacht management service in Southern California since 1962. Our philosophy is to offer outstanding personal service to our members and owners at the most competitive rates.
We owe our success to the ability to market, manage, and maintain yachts at the highest possible standard. Marina Sailing understands the pride of ownership, and goes to great lengths to ensure that owners enjoy their yachts as much as possible (personally as well as financially).
Owning a yacht couldn’t be easier through Marina Sailing’s Yacht Management Program, let us show you how!

Management Program Benefits

  • Pride of ownership
  • Personal use
  • Income flow
  • Tax advantages
  • Professional maintenance
  • Free Club Membership
  • Discounts on boat gear
  • Discounts on instruction
  • Discounts on exotic cruises

Placing a boat in charter offsets the costs of  private ownership.

The upkeep, maintenance, rental fees, and other expenses are substantially reduced or eliminated. Furthermore, your boat is maintained by our professional maintenance crew, so your boat is always ready to sail when you are!

Financial Arrangements

The Marina Sailing Yacht Management Program is simple and straightforward — We keep your yacht busy when you’re not using it and you will:

  • ‍Charter Revenue
  • Income Tax Deductions

Our program makes it easy to keep track of your income and expenses with detailed summaries of your boat’s charter activities in the form of:


Sent to you monthly that detail the revenue generated and expenses incurred. Owners receive a check monthly for charter revenue that exceeds costs.


Sent to the owners with the monthly statements. All repairs are approved by the owner ahead of time.

Tax Benefits

Marina Sailing urges its owners to consult with their individual tax advisor because each owner’s financial situation is different, but potiential income tax deductions could be:

  • Deduct interest from the debt payment
  • Deduct annual yacht depreciation
  • Deduct travel costs when you visit your yacht
  • Deduct management fee paid to Marina Sailing
  • Deduct slip fees
  • Deduct property and sales taxes
  • Deduct insurance costs

Sample Charter Annual

  YEAR 1 YEAR 2 to 7
Manufacture & Model Ben 351 Ben 351
Length 35 35
Sales Price 170,000 170,000
less down payment of 20% 34,000 34,000
Amount Financed 136,000 136,000
Charter days/year 100 100
Daily Charter Price (average) 450 450
Gross Charter Income 45,000 45,000
Owners Charter Income (50%) 22,500 22,500
Slip Fees -7,932 -7,932
Insurance -3,000 -3,000
Property Tax (1.25% Sales Price) -2,125 -2,125
Maintenance includes Dive service -1,500 -2,400
Annual Fixed Expenses -14,557 -15,457
Net Operating Income (NOI) 7,943 7,043
Length of Loan 20 20
Annual Interest Rate 5.00% 5.00%
Calculated Payment per month -898 -898
Payment per year -10,770 -10,770
Interest Paid year one (approx) -6,800 -6,800
Total Annual Actual Expenses -2,827 -3,727
Less Depreciation ( 7 yr.. S/L) 0 0
Less Depreciation (28% YR 1 of 7 yr.. S/L) -47,600 0
Depreciation YR 2 and beyond 7 YR 0 -20,400
Tax Deductible Expenses -56,525 -29,325
Taxable Income -34,025 -6,825
Tax Savings (31%) 17,523 9,091
Add Back Depreciation (7 yr.. S/L) 47,600 20,400
Annual Net Income/Expense 14,695 5,363

Maximize revenue

If maximizing charter revenue is your goal, certain types, models, and sizes of yachts are in higher demand in different harbors. Talk with the Marina Sailing staff in the harbor of your choice to learn the type of yacht for revenue maximization in that area.

Marina Sailing’s Yacht Owner Services

Marina Sailing provides services to yacht owners in three distinct areas:
Marketing (sales, service, and public relations)
Member Services (training, sailing certification, safety, and recreational services)
Technical Maintenance (yacht cosmetic preparation, repairs, and scheduled maintenance)


Marina Sailing keeps the yachts in the fleet generating revenue through a variety of activities, a diverse mix of public relations, and advertising activities:


The Mainsheet newsletter is published quarterly and distributed to Marina Sailing’s members and owners. The newsletter lists the variety of activities designed to generate charter activity.


Marina Sailing donates free “Introductory Sailing Lessons” to charity fund drives. These free lessons bring in potential new members.


Marina Sailing advertises in local andnational sailing publications, and is listed as one of Southern California’s premier charter organizations.


Marina Sailing is regularly featured in newspaper and magazine articles, and the local chamber of commerce newsletters.


Marina Sailing has relationships with 30 similar sailing clubs around the country, and their members receive membership privileges. Marina Sailing members enjoy reciprocal benefits at 30 similar sailing clubs around the country

Member Services

Marina Sailing takes pride in a handson approach to helping customers feel comfortable and confident when they charter your boat. A stringent adherence to rules, procedures, and qualifications is as important to boat owners as it is to charterers. You can be assured your investment is well protected.
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Frequently asked questions

Q. How often will my boat charter?

A. Sailboats under 35’ charter between 100-150 days per year and boats 35-50 feet charter 70-125 days per year. Power boats charter between 50-100 days per year depending on size and type.

Q. Does Marina Sailing require any special equipment on the boats?

A. Yes. All sailboats must be equipped with wheel steering, furling headsail, diesel power, full galley and toilet acilities, VHF radio, stereo system, an inflatable dinghy, and a BBQ grill.

Q. What is the check out procedure before someone charters the boat?

A. Before anyone charters any boats, they must have successfully completed a sail training course, or taken and passed a written and practical sail test with one of our ASA certified instructors. Then each person is further checked out on each new boat they charter prior to taking it out.

Q. What kind of insurance do I need?

A. Because your boat will be used as business equipment, you will need commercial charter insurance. Marina Sailing’s boat owners receive excellent ‘group’ rates and great coverage.

Q. How often can I use my boats?

A. Most of our members use their boats as often as they find time. However if you set your boat up as a business there are certain use restrictions the IRS will allow and we encourage you to consult with your tax advisor. The more you use the boat the less it is available for charter and the less revenue it will produce.

Q. What is the best boat for charter?

A. Sailboats and power boats both charter well. The most popular boats are between 28 and 34 feet. The larger boats, 35’ and over charter very well in the summer months. The most popular large boats have three or four private staterooms. Call your local office to see what sizes of boats are needed. The largest boat we will take is 50’, the smallest is 26’.

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