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Dues, Payments, & Late Charges:
Member agrees to pay $150 dues per quarter, billed within a few days of the beginning of each quarter. Applicant authorizes Marina Sailing to charge dues to credit card listed below. Sailing dues are not refundable and cannot be transferred.

Security Deposit:
A $150 refundable security deposit is required before any charter reservation can be confirmed. The security deposit, less any amount due to Marina Sailing, will be refunded within 30 days after termination of membership. (Refundable if membership not cancelled within 1 year)

Canceling Membership:
To avoid any misunderstanding, written notice, signed by the member, is required to cancel that membership.

Membership Termination:
Marina Sailing reserves the right to cancel any membership at any time for non-payment of dues or other fees, or for conduct that is, in its opinion, detrimental to the orderly conduct of the club or the happiness and well being of its members and owners.

Insurance: All boats carry deductible hull insurance. In the event of damage or loss of equipment, the charterer will be liable for the full deductible amount of $2500 or 1% of the value of the boat; whichever is greater. If repairs/replacements do not exceed the deductible amount, a refund will be made.

The applicant hereby absolves Marina Sailing and its owners and employees of any responsibility or the obligation in the event of an accident regardless of the consequences. Marina Sailing and its owners and employees shall not be liable for any personal injuries or property damage sustained by the applicant or his/her guests on their property, or for the condition or use of the boat or its equipment. The applicant agrees to hold Marina Sailing free and harmless from any loss or injury sustained by the applicant while on board the boat or engaged in club activities.

BY SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION FORM I DECLARE THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND the meaning of this document and agree to abide by and observe the terms and conditions contained herein and warrant that the information contained herein is correct. I am fully aware that sailing, like other sports, has its inherent dangers and accept them as part of the sport of sailing.

When you join Marina Sailing, you are not just becoming a part of a sailing club; you are becoming a member of California’s largest and most experienced sailing charter and instruction company. We have much more to offer than just renting yachts:

  • Free sailing test
  • Free sailing and navigation classes
  • Discounted ASA Courses and Certifications
  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Access to over 70 beautiful sail and power yachts
  • Low-cost charters on yachts 22 to 50 feet, including monohulls, catamarans, and powerboats
  • Six beautiful fleet locations along the Southern California coast
  • Racing program with two seasons, the Marina Cup in the spring, and Mosier Cup in the fall
  • Parties and open-houses
  • Fun sailing flotillas to Catalina and the Channel Islands
  • Exotic sailing vacations to the Caribbean, Mexico, Tahiti, and more
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